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Product Overview


Waste Control International’s polystyrene compactor has advanced technology that enables it to compact large throughputs of material, while maintaining a high compaction rate on a continuous basis. 

This machine is suitable for 
  • EPS polystyrene fish boxes or packaging
  • EPS dust
  • Polypropylene (EPP) packaging
  • Polyurethene packaging
  • Polyurethene insulation foam
  • Or YOUR product – give us a call and we’ll find you a personalized recycling solution!

WC2000 Styrofoam Compactor 

  • Handles 150-200 pounds of EPS per hour
  • Makes an approximately 9.5” x 9.5” block
  • Suitable for polystyrene, polypropylene , and polyurethene materials
  • Low maintenance machine with high compaction rate

The SC3000 Cobalt also comes with a conveyor option, as seen below.


We custom-create these conveyors to fit your needs.

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