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Waste Control International’s Stockroom Baler is a great solution for all your plastic recycling needs. This Stockroom Baler works very well in the back stockroom of any retail environment. With its small 7.7 ft. sq. footprints this Stockroom Baler will make a compact 40-100 lb. bale of shrink-wrap or plastic. It also works very well for a small cardboard baler. This can bale small boxes for significant volume reduction. Tie these compact bales with twine and they are ready to ship to your distribution center on a return trip or set aside for your local recycler. This Stockroom Baler will also help you achieve zero landfill at your retail level. 

Simply bale all your materials and ship them back to the distribution center for sorting. As well as having a tidy workspace, this Stockroom Baler comes with its own bale trolley so there is no need to bring a fork truck into the production area. 

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