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"This Roto Compactor is great. The gentlemen who installed the machine were very respectful and safety conscious - they did a great job on the installation and training. This is a quality machine that has saved our company lots of time in clean-up, which saves us lots of money. We have had this machine for a while now and have had no problems with it at all . It is very dependable. But even more important is the service from Elaine and her team, they are awesome to deal with! I would recommend this machine to anyone it is a difference maker. Thank You again!"


-Paul C.


Product Overview


Waste Control International Rotary Compactor provides a very efficient effective solution to compacting your waste at the source. This Rotary Compactor only takes up the floor space of a regular trash dump system. If you are hauling a lot of dumpster through your facility, this Rotary Compactor can reduce the number of trip by 5:1.

With this Rotary Compactor putting all the waste into a neat and tidy 4 x 4 bag, you will no longer have loose and blowing waste around your facility. 

The Rotary Compactor has a rotating head on it that compacts all the waste into a heavy duty plastic bag. The bag can then be sealed and disposal of or shipped to a Waste Control International facility. This Rotary Compactor will help you achieve zero landfill or zero waste at your facility, with a hygienic easy way  get 40000 lbs. of compacted waste on the truck. This Rotary Compactor also comes in stainless steel, for your food manufacturing facility. This Rotary Compactor also works very well in a continuous system operation.  

Please call today at 1-866-417-8711 about a trial. 

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