Horizontal Auto-Tie Baler

Auto Tie Down Baler

Product Overview


At Waste Control International, we provide you with more than just a horizontal auto-tie baler. We provide you with great solutions to any trim handling, distribution center, cardboard baling and material handling needs. With over 20 years of experience in air systems and horizontal auto-tie baler systems, Waste Control International  has the solution for you.

These auto-tie balers let you manage:
  • Time and labor
  • Clean, trouble-free operation
  • Superior dust control
  • Efficient hydraulics
  • Normal baling
  • Auto-tie needle insertion
  • Auto-tie tying
These Auto-Tie Balers also:
  • Track the status of the entire baling process
  • Touch-screen options
  • Automatic messages to keep you on top of machine performance

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