News! July 19, 2013  19-Jul-2013

Waste Control International has installed a Cobalt WC2000 screw compactor at a dairy manufacturing plant for product destruction. Our customer is using their WC2000 screw compactor to depackage their outdated and low filled liquid containers. These containers are plastic and fiber milk containers, sour cream, and cottage cheese. This WC2000 screw compactor provides significant labor & landfill reductions.  With 2 employees dumping product, it can compact 140 cases in 20 minutes.  This compacted product fits into ½ of a 2 yd bin. 

These are savings that you can have in your facility.

Call us today at 1-866-417-8711with any questions you have about our product or set up a visit with our sales representatives and discuss a free trial. 

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